My name is John McGoldrick a fully insured & experienced therapist working in your area (Bradford Leeds).
I have treated numerous clients successfully & have worked in a Hospice helping people who are terminally ill. I also offer my services free at the Cancer Support Yorkshire for the past 11 yrs as a
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reflexologist. I also have 10 years experience within the NHS as a Hypnotherapist and Reflexologist.
I’m a fully qualified therapist, 25 years experience very professional, passionate but at the same time very approachable & sensitive to people’s wishes & needs.
                          Hypnotherapy qualification gained at S.A.C.H
                          School of Analytical and Cognitive Hypnotherapy
                          This is what S.A.C.H. says:
Our aim is to provide comprehensive and professional courses which deliver a balanced and thorough combination of practical experience and theoretical study. We believe that our courses offer the best preparation for a successful career as a practicing hypnotherapist. Our holistic philosophy enables our students to look beyond the techniques and to treat the person as a whole and unique individual.
Our experienced tutors are practicing therapists who use the skills taught in the courses in their clinical practice. All course materials are continually revised to ensure you have the most up-to-date training available. Ideas from the forefront of international hypnotherapy practice are incorporated as they become available. No single theoretical approach is imposed on our students: all courses combine varied approaches to therapy with a strong emphasis on hypnotherapy as a valuable tool within the therapeutic process. Students are encouraged to develop their own approach and to be able to adapt their therapeutic style for the benefit of their clients. We place strong emphasis on practical experience and provide many levels of support for students to develop their skills

V.T.C.T. Level Three:   Reflexology
                                         Aromatherapy Massage
V.T.C.T.  Diploma        Indian Head Massage

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